Full HD DVR functionality in every room.

With Genie, you and your family can watch, record, pause, rewind, delete shows in any room of your home, from a single HD DVR. You can even start watching a show in one room and finish in any other. Plus your family can watch live or recorded TV in four rooms at the same time.

  • No more inconvenient boxes.

    Enjoy all your entertainment and full HD DVR functionality in additional rooms without seeing extra equipment. All you need is a Genie Mini or Wireless Genie Mini for each additional TV.1 Or a Samsung or Sony DIRECTV Ready TV.

  • Tired of recording conflicts? Genie puts an end to all that by letting you record five shows at once. Plus you have more recording capacity than cable, so you don’t have to keep deleting shows to make room for new ones.

  • Finding your sports is now easier than ever.

  • Forget about searching for the big game. With the Sports feature from Genie, our most advanced HD DVR ever, you can pick your favorite teams and sporting events, and find them all in one convenient location.
  • Now, those of you who live in Apartments, Town Homes, Or Condos who can't get DirecTV Satellite, due being on the sides where you don't have or can get line of site but yet want DirecTV. Well we have the system now that allows to enjoy the benefits of DirecTV from the comfort of your home and requires no satellite it only requires Internet.

  • All you need to do to is follow this  link! (http://directvnow.com/dstvservices256). So take a look  order you DirecTV now for people who don't have line of sitethough it doesn't have the NFL Sunday Ticket on it. Directvnow does have  the NFL network on it though.

  • To stream live TV on your tablet or phone, download the DirecTV app from your play store or App store.

  • Bundle you DirecTV and your AT&T Wireless and save as well not to mention if you have the both and they are bundled then receive one of the premium channels free for you whole con tract and you can also switch the premium channels to a different one once you tired of any of them.

    "Switch to DirecTV and AT&T Wireless today and start watching DirecTV before its in your house or on  your phone." 

AT&T Wireless Service Plans 



Directv at a low price more so then ever. so way not going a switching over to Directv.

Directv at a low price more so then ever. so way not going a switching over to Directv.