Larry Mitchell has been the Business Owner for 10 years. I have been to many different places, from the East to the West coast. While installing from the East coast to the West coast, I've heard many complaints from customers saying how bad their last tech was and didn't want to do anything to help solve their problems or do the installation the way the customer wanted it. So if you contact me I will help solve or install anything that I can for my customers. I also know how the prices go up for Internet and Television as I am a consumer as well. So I became a certified tech at the beginning and I will always go way beyond to help with the very best customer service and technical services. A few years back I decided why not and open my own retail shop for each provider so I could help every customer on anything that they need and that each customer gets the satisfaction and quality workmanship that they need and deserve.  So go ahead and leave your contact information and a message! Don't worry either myself or one of my staff members will be in contact with you as soon as possible, within 24hrs of your message. If you looking to join our team we will be more than happy to bring you on just go to our careers page and fill out a form. 

Thank you for visiting our page we look forward into providing you for whatever you may need.

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